How to recognise a truly traditional soapmaker.

If you make soap, you have to deal with European regulations in the field of hygiene and cosmetics. These regulations are strict and subject to constant change. As a soap maker, you’d rather not spend all day making sure you comply, and that’s exactly why so many traditional soap makers are members of the EU Soap Quality System (SQS). This system makes sure that you are able to focus on making soap and that your soap products comply with the law at all times. Throughout the entire European Union.

Soap makers who are signed up to the SQS quality system can be recognised by their prestigious certificates carefully mounted on the wall. Such official certificates are not easy to come by. You have to get to know all the ins and outs of soapmaking, and that can only be done by following the courses presented by us. This is a condition for admission into the system. In order to become a member of the EU Soap Quality System, you will have to earn three certificates. These certificates must always be present in your workplace or at your company.

1- A personal qualification that proves that you’re able to make soap using top-quality methods (practical). As proof, you’ll receive the Les Maitres Savonniers (The Master Soap Makers) certificate.

2- A personal qualification that proves that you understand what you should know in order to comply with the EU Hygiene and Cosmetics Regulation (theory). As proof, you’ll receive the EU Soap Quality System certificate, which is valid for three years.

3- A site certification that proves that your production area and -processes comply with the EU requirements (we’ll visit you for an inspection). As proof, you’ll receive the EU Soap Quality GMP certificate, also issued for a three-year period.

These courses are often one- or two-day workshops during which you are taught individually, in a group or electronically by an authorised expert who guides you through the world of safe soapmaking. The atmosphere is easy-going and relaxed and the courses are accessible to everyone.

The EU Soap Quality System is the most affordable soap production process that complies with the strict European Hygiene and Cosmetics Regulation. Over the years, this system has become the gold standard for large- and small-scale soap makers wanting to professionally regulate all their processes in such a way that they observe the law at all times. The system even assumes ultimate responsibility for the soap products made by soap makers who are members! With the EU Soap Quality System, you as a traditional soap maker are always in safe hands.

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