The most ancient soapmaking method is now the latest way to make soap.

The art of soapmaking dates back to way before the current era. It all started with the emergence of the Roman Empire. Back then, a lot of parties were held to celebrate victories, especially among those in higher circles.

Does membership cost a lot?

The short answer is no. Joining the EU Soap Quality System (SQS) costs less than you might think. Especially when you consider the costs of not being a member. As an individual soap maker, arranging all processes in such a way that you comply with the ever-stricter regulation is a costly and time-consuming affair.

How to recognise a truly traditional soapmaker.

If you make soap, you have to deal with European regulations in the field of hygiene and cosmetics. These regulations are strict and subject to constant change. As a soap maker, you’d rather not spend all day making sure you comply, and that’s exactly why so many traditional soap makers are members of the EU Soap Quality System (SQS).

How to start up a successful soapmaking enterprise

Janet started a traditional soapmaking enterprise two years ago. Today, she also has a shop from where she sells her products. “Starting my soapmaking business was actually quite easy. I wanted to do things right from day 1, so that my bath and soap products would comply with strict cosmetics regulations at all times.